Ehpes - Czernowitz/Bukovina Databases

Czernowitz Archives - A searchable database of posts from the Czernowitz-L Discussion Group from 2002 through the present.
The Czernowitz FamilyFinder - A database of Names being researched by List Members
The Czernowitz Street Name Translator - Street name translations: German/Romanian/Ukrainian/Russian
Notable Czernowitzers Database - Famous Czernowitzers, what they did and when
Czernowitz Ancestor Address Database -- where our ancestors lived
Czernowitz Occupations Databse -- what our ancestors did and where they did it
1941 Database of Bukovina mass burial sites - Natasha Pechenkina

City and Business Directories for Czernowitz & Suburbs - 1898, 1909, 1914, 1927, 1936
1936 Czernowitz Municipality Telephone Directory
1936 Czernowitz Municipality Trade Directory
1936 Czernowitz Municipality Street Nomenclature
1930 Czernowitz Area (Cernauti) Census Data
Bukovina Census Data from 1869, 1880, 1890 and 1900
1942 Deportations from Czernowitz to Transnistria (about 650 records)
Czernowitz Birth/Marriage/Death Records (over 276,000 records) - courtesy: Daniel Horowitz
Students in private secondary school of the Jewish community in Storozynetz 1911-1914 (about 220 records) courtesy of Peter Elbau.
The Radautz Jewish Vital Records Database - 1857-1929